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Animal Crackers for Messy Snackers 4-Piece Bib Set

Animal Crackers for Messy Snackers 4-Piece Bib Set

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When it's feeding time, these adorable animals are ready to catch every crumb! The box, complete with nutrition information, is reminiscent of a childhood favorite (animal crackers, of course!) and inside are four familiar faces - a gentle giraffe, a giant-eared elephant, a mischievous monkey and a long-maned lion. Each one is appliqued on an absorbent bib, and all four are hoping the baby gets the lion's share!

Features and facts:

  • Set of four bibs
  • Lion bib trimmed in gold, elephant bib trimmed in red, monkey bib trimmed in bright green and giraffe bib trimmed in yellow
  • Bib has Velcro closure and measures 9” h x 8”w
  • Machine-washable, 100% cotton
  • Colorful gift box includes artful images of all four animals with their babies, a white-satin ribbon handle
  • Nutrition facts on side of box contain 100% Daily Value of Love, Giggles, Hugs, Warmth, Kisses and more
  • Gift box measures 3 ” h x 6”w x 1”d
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