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Totally consumed with updating the website

Wow, some things just take a lot longer than one imagines that they should! Now that the new web design is up and we are very happy with it, we are working on adding ‘size upgrade’ photos to every diaper cake. This will allow our customers to see each diaper cake (those that are available in 2 sizes) pictured in each size it is offered in, instead of having to use their imagination! Many diaper cakes already have their size upgrade  photos available, and we are diligently working to update the rest. Most of the images have been captured, actually…and the remainder will be added as soon as possible. In addition to size upgrade photos, we are now able to show other options and alternate views of each cake if appropriate. Here’s just one handsome fellow who has benefited from our new photo mod. Once this is completed the site will offer a much better experience to our wonderful customers – hooray for the magic of the web!

Custom Bright Lion Diaper Cake

Custom Lion Diaper Cake

Bright lime and teal diaper cake with lion - a very specific request!

A really fresh and bright custom cake from this week – a photo of baby bedding was provided and we made the diaper cake to match per the customer’s specific instructions.  She chose the stuffed lion, the alternating body ribbons and accent ribbons, and even the placement of the items.  This diaper cake was to be a very special and unique baby shower gift.  We aim to please!

Custom Sampler Diaper Cake

We love showing you something a little different!  We get requests for customizations constantly, and one of the cutest custom diaper cakes we’ve made lately was a variation on our standard Sampler diaper cake.  The customer requested the Gum Drops ribbon and puppy instead of the standard pink ribbon and teddy bear.  The result was a bright, colorful, cheerful, and adorable diaper cake!  We loved it and wanted to share.

Custom Gum Drops Sampler Diaper Cake

Bright and cheerful, sweet and girly custom sampler diaper cake


Custom Blue Sampler Diaper Cake

One of our most unique products is our line of Sampler Baby Diaper Cakes.  Samplers are different because unlike our regular diaper cakes, they are constructed with 3 different brands of disposable diapers.  While our default diaper brand is Pampers Swaddlers, Sampler Diaper Cakes are made from Pampers, Huggies, and Luvs.  This line was created with the first-time Mom in mind – our Samplers allow her to try all 3 leading brands of disposables to decide on her favorite.  There are approximately 25 diapers of each variety in a Sampler cake, which is enough for Mom to use each one for about 3 days (and nights…very important!)  Samplers also make a thoughtful gift for a Mom who might be expecting a later-in-life “surprise.”  Disposable diapers change constantly and are always being upgraded and improved.  A Mom who disliked Huggies 6 years ago might find that they have improved dramatically since then.  Another mom who might really appreciate a Sampler Diaper Cake is a mom who is having her first child of the opposite gender – a mom of 3 girls who likes Pampers might find that a different brand of disposable works better for the new little man in the house!

It’s easy to see the benefit of the Sampler Diaper Cake option!  This week a customer contacted us and wanted to add some extra embellishment to the normal Blue Sampler Baby Cake.  We were glad to oblige.  Have I told you we love custom diaper cake orders?  (Pssst…we love custom diaper cake orders!)  Here is a look at the finished custom Sampler diaper cake we created.  Lots of fun, and oh-so-cute!

Blue Sampler Diaper Cake

Extra Johnsons products, a comb & brush set, booties, and a sweet rattle adorned this souped-up Sampler Diaper Cake

Custom Jungle Safari Diaper Cake for Triplets

5 tier Jungle themed diaper cake for triplet boys

Cute as can be! A 5 tier Jungle themed diaper cake for triplet boys

We have done some really fun custom diaper cakes lately and I wanted to share one of my faves.  This customer liked the Jungle Safari themed diaper cake, but she was the grama-to-be of TRIPLET BOYS!!  I have no words – my youngest daughter is 8 months old and she is my *second* full time job.  Multiplied by three?  Truly, I haven’t the words.  This is one extra blessed mom-to-be.

The boys’ nursery had a jungle theme, and so we set out to create a cake similar to the bedding.  I thought the diaper cake turned out absolutely darling and so, it is our custom diaper cake spotlight for today!

We hope it will make a great baby shower centerpiece and conversation starter.  If only there was a way to include an extra pair of hands along with it!



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