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Diaper Cake Gift Information

Diaper Cake Supplies We Use (Soft Goods)

Want to know more about what supplies we use for our diaper cakes, and why we choose them? You've come to the right place. Read part 1 of this article to find out more about the diapers and skin care products we use.

Receiving Blankets

A few of our diaper cakes include receiving blankets, which are wrapped around the layers of the cake like fondant. Receiving blankets are useful when baby is a newborn because newborns love to be swaddled. Swaddling instantly calms many fussy newborns because it reminds them of being in the womb. The benefits of these handy blankets don't stop after the newborn stage - they make wonderful nursing cover-ups, infant carrier covers for when baby is sleeping or there is a chill in the air, burp cloths, changing table covers, and much more. It is a great idea to have half a dozen or so of these blankets around. When our daughters were small babies I kept one in almost every room of the house, as well as an emergency extra in my bug-out bag in the Jeep. These blankets will be used well into baby's first year and beyond. (And if you happen to have girls, they will use them as doll blankets for years beyond that.)

Baby Washcloths

There are some baby care essentials that you simply can't have enough of. Baby washcloths are one of those indispensable items. We found that we needed a stack of these ultra-soft cloths for bathtime (one for the diaper area and a separate one for baby's face and body), as well as a stack of them in the kitchen drawer (for post-mealtime face and hand washing.) Many cloth-diapering moms use baby washcloths for reusable baby wipes as well, since they can be laundered instead of throwing away disposable wipes. Since most moms will go through five or six per day (more if they are used as diaper wipes) it is really useful to have lots of these on hand.

We use Gerber brand baby washcloths on almost every diaper cake we offer. They have a serged edge and hold up through trip after trip through the washing machine. Since mom will be washing those sticky little hands and faces for years to come, this is a very practical item to have on hand and one she will get lots of use out of.

Scratch mittens

Scratch mittens are another item that is an absolute must-have, but most moms don't realize they need them until it is too late. Babies are born with sharp little finger nails, but you can't trim them for the first few weeks because they are still attached to the delicate skin at the end of baby's fingers. This can spell bad news if baby likes to grab her face, as many newborns do. The real trouble starts when mom realizes (in the hospital) that she has no way to protect her newborn's delicate little face...and unless she wants baby to look like he has been in a bar fight for those much anticipated newborn photographs, something must be done! Off dad goes to the hospital gift shop, where he will pay way too much for a low-quality pair of scratch mittens...that have been hanging in the gift shop for heaven knows how long, and can't be laundered prior to use. Ick!

Having a couple of pairs of freshly washed, high-quality newborn scratch mittens in the hospital bag is a life-saver. We include Gerber brand scratch mittens so that mom can wash them and have them ready to go when her sweet new baby arrives. We have to protect that newborn photograph!

Baby socks

No one tells a mom-to-be that shoes for babies are a ridiculous hassle. Those tiny shoes are adorable and hard to resist...it's true. But the truth is that no matter the brand, no matter the price tag, they simply DO NOT stay on baby's feet. Newborns can tend to have poor circulation and need those precious little piggies to be well protected - so in lieu of a cute (but largely useless) pair of baby shoes, we include a nice stretchy pair of newborn socks with many of our diaper cakes.

Not only do baby socks stay on baby's feet much better than a pair of shoes, they can also double as scratch mittens in a pinch, or a pair of "baby mittens" to keep baby's hands warm on a chilly day (or in a chilly grocery store!) They keep those sweet feet toasty as well and further protect baby's feet from the hands of strangers who endlessly seem to pinch their little toes as they lie in their baby carriers. (Shame on you, strangers!)

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