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Diaper Cake Gift Information

Diaper Cake Supplies We Use (Diapers and Skin Care Products)

When choosing a baby shower gift or a new baby gift, it's important to think practically. In those first sleep-deprived and emotional weeks, new parents appreciate any item (no matter how small) that makes their lives just a little bit easier. With this in mind and as parents ourselves, we strive to anticipate the needs of the new mom and dad as we choose the new baby supplies that we include with our diaper cakes. Let's explore those items, their uses, and our reasoning for choosing to include them in our diaper cake gifts to give you a better understanding of how truly practical and useful this gift is.

Disposable Diapers

On an obvious level, the most practical item a brand new parent can possibly receive is a great supply of disposable diapers. From the moment a new member of the family arrives, mom and dad can count on a new line item in the family budget: diapers and wipes. There is simply no way around it - and the cost of these items adds up quickly. By giving the gift of disposable diapers, you are not only saving the new family money, but there is a good chance you are saving them a late-night run to the convenience store as well.

For our diaper cakes, we use only the best name-brand disposable diapers on the market today: Pampers Swaddlers. These are the diapers that most hospitals use for newborns and that baby will most likely be sent home with. We choose them because of their luxurious softness and top-notch absorbency, as well as their trusted status as the #1 choice of hospitals. When mom and dad see that their diaper cake is made from Pampers Swaddlers, they know that you have chosen a gift with real value.

Is mom using cloth diapers for her newborn? Most cloth-diapering moms will tell you that it is especially handy to have a few disposables around those first few weeks. Newborns need to be changed 8-10 times per day, and since cloth diapers are expensive, many new moms need time to build up their supply. Also, cloth diapers need to air dry after they are washed and that takes time. It's easy to find oneself in the situation that all the cloth diapers need to be laundered, or are still in the process of drying out. In those moments, it's a huge relief to be able to reach for a disposable diaper. We applaud new parents who are willing to go the extra mile to keep our planet healthy - and so we offer a line of ecofriendly diaper cakes made from Seventh Generation disposable diapers to appeal to the new mom and dad who are intent on keeping their diaper choices green.

Skin Care Products

New babies have famously delicate skin. What works for one baby may not be a good choice for another baby, even within the same family. Since we understand that every baby is different, we offer two choices for skin care products: Johnson's products, and all-natural Burt's Bees products.

Johnson's products are used by most hospitals and have been around for many, many years. While they offer dozens of great products to care for babies' skin, we include the most basic five products in our diaper cakes: lotion, body wash, shampoo, powder, and diaper rash cream. Each of these items is an essential in caring for a new baby's skin, both at bath time and during diaper changes.

Burt's Bees products are an all-natural and luxurious line of baby skin care products. We include a tube of Nourishing Lotion, a bottle of Shampoo/Wash, a tube of Diaper Rash Ointment, a bottle of Nourishing Baby Oil, and a bar of Buttermilk Soap in each cake that is ordered with Burt's Bees. We use Burt's Bees baby care products on our own daughters, the youngest of whom is 2 years old at the time of this writing. These wonderful products truly deserve their high-end reputation. They smell heavenly and are remarkably effective at caring for delicate skin with only all natural ingredients.

We use only travel-sized skin care items on all of our diaper cakes, and we've already mentioned the reason: babies have extremely sensitive skin. Even within families, new arrivals can have vastly different sensitivity to any given skin care product. Sending a gift with travel-sized skincare items is a smart idea...it allows mom to test the product on her delicate newborn without being stuck with a full-sized bottle of a product that she may not care for. If mom (or baby) doesn't like a product, then you have saved her the money it would have cost her to purchase the item for herself and discover that it doesn't work for her family.

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