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"Animal Crackers for Messy Snackers" 4-Piece Bib Set

When it's feeding time, these adorable animals are ready to catch every crumb! The box, complete with nutrition information, is reminiscent of a childhood favorite(animal crackers, of course!) and inside are four familiar faces—a gentle giraffe, a giant-eared elephant, a mischievous monkey and a long-maned lion. Each one is appliquéd on an absorbent bib, and all four are hoping baby gets the lion's share!

"Beach Buddies" 3-Piece Bathtime Bucket Gift Set

Sea what we have fished from our ocean of imaginative bathtime ideas! This bucket has everything essential for baby's "clean" routine--just add soap and water!

"Beach Bums" 3-Piece Diaper Cover Gift Set

Surf's up! Time for all little beach bums to show their stuff, and this three-piece diaper-cover gift set is making waves! These cute crab and adorable octopus make a whale of a tail! This is the perfect gift for shore!

"Beary Snuggly" Luxe Polar Bear Snuggle Sack and Hat

Pure white and wonderfully wild! Polar bears have furry coats for cold weather, and they've inspired this superb, snuggle-sack style all winter babies will wear this--and any other--year!

"Big Dreamzzz Baby Cowgirl" Two-Piece Layette Set

When she's out ridin' the range with the sandman, every baby girl wants to look like the Queen of the Cowgirls--and here's her ranch-rockin' haute couture!

"Big Dreamzzz Baby Princess" Three-Piece Layette Set

Dress her for dreamtime like the princess you know she is!

"Big Dreamzzz" Baby Ballerina Two-Piece Layette Set in "Studio" Gift Box

You just never know! Maybe someday she’ll grace center stage, so dress her for her big debut in this delightfully pink confection.

"Big Dreamzzz" Baby Baseball Three-Piece Layette Set in All-Star Gift Box

Cover all the bases—quality, practicality, comfort and cuteness—with a baby gift destined to become a hit. Another bright star in our popular "Big Dreamzzz" collection...

"Big Dreamzzz" Baby Camo Two-Piece Layette Set in "Backpack" Gift Box

Whether he just plays with toy soldiers or he’s going to love a good hunt with his Dad, dress your Little Trooper in this preciously comfortable Camo Baby sleeper.

"Big Dreamzzz" Baby Chef Three Piece Layette in Culinary Themed Gift Box

Mix sweetness and style, add a dash of adorable and serve baby this unique "Big Dreamzzz" Baby Chef Three-Piece Layette Set with a side of love! Simply delicious!

"Big Dreamzzz" Baby Firefighter Two-Piece Layette Set in Firefighter-themed Gift Box

Celebrate true heroes and heroines with one of the hottest designs in our "Big Dreamzzz" collection. We inspire those big dreams with our Baby Firefighter layette set!

"Big Dreamzzz" Baby M.D. Three-Piece Layette Set in "Doctor's Bag" Gift Box

Calling all newborn medical professionals, STAT! We introduce Baby MD, a whimsically cozy doctor’s outfit for your own aspiring MD.

"Big Top Bath Time" Lion Hooded Spa Robe

Let this cute king of the jungle keep that freshly bathed baby warm and dry in soft, sunny-yellow terrycloth. Look at that adorable lion's face--almost as cute as baby's!

"Big Top Tummy Time" Circus Playmat

Lay this big top down--and the circus comes to town! Imagine baby's fascination for all the lively colors, stimulating sounds and the most captivating characters of babyhood!

"Born To Be Wild" Giraffe Snuggle Sack and Hat

When the zoo sleeps at night, the giraffes are a sight! From top to bottom, it's easy to spot 'em! This soft snuggle sack is as cute as a giraffe's neck is long, which is why the new mom and dad will love being baby's "zookeepers" at bedtime.

"Bunch O' Blooms" Headband with Booties Gift Set

Shower her with flowers from head to toe! Even the tiniest females love to feel beautifully accessorized wherever they go, and brightly colored blooms do the trick every time! She'll be the center of attention, and it all stems from this bloomin' baby gift!

"Bunch O'Bloomers" Three Bloomers for Blooming Bums

Please pick the flowers! When you do, you can give them to the new best girl in your life. She'll look absolutely adorable with these blooming bloomers on her bum! With a beautiful gift box and three flowery bloomers inside, we have everything covered!

"Bunnies in the Garden" Luxurious 3-Piece Blanket Gift Set

"Hopping through the garden, Bailey Bunny saw a pot..." Thus begins a sweet, little story that appears on the gorgeous gift box of this "Bunnies in the Garden" Gift Set. We don't want to give the rest of the story away...

"Butterfly" Headband with Booties Gift Set

Just like babies, butterflies have an enchantment all their own, so why not double the delight? When Mom dresses up her darling new daughter in our butterfly-inspired headband and booties gift set, it's almost impossible to take your eyes off her!

"Calvin the Closet Monster" Knit Baby Socks and Plush Monster Gift Set

What do you think Calvin is hiding in that closet besides himself? Look closely! He's waiting patiently with four pair of socks, so he can give them to the cute, little guy who shares the room with him. They'll definitely look better on the baby!

"Caterpillar Crawlers" Baby Socks Gift Set

Here's an adorable little caterpillar the new parents won't mind crawling into baby's sock drawer!

"Chomp & Stomp" Dinosaur Bib and Booties Gift Set

Baby dinos have hearty appetites, and they love to dress for dinner! That's how they grow up big and strong and stylin'!

"Chomp & Stomp" Lion Bib and Booties Gift Set

What's even better than the cat's meow? The lion's roar, of course, and this lion-lovin' bib and booties set is perfect to wear hanging out in the den enjoying a meal while snuggled close to Mom.