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"Cutsie Caterpillar" Baby Girl Diaper Cake

Pastels, Flowers, Polka Dots and Stripes adorn this Cutsie Caterpillar Baby Diaper Cake! The Soft Pink and Light Green theme is sure to give that exciting yet relaxing feel to Parents-to-be on their upcoming Baby Shower!
$125.00 $114.00

Baby Dimples Blue Diaper Cake

Is there anything more adorable than a baby with dimples? Definitely not - but the Baby Dimples diaper cake comes close!
$79.00 $69.00

"Beach Buddies" 3-Piece Bathtime Bucket Gift Set

Sea what we have fished from our ocean of imaginative bathtime ideas! This bucket has everything essential for baby's "clean" routine--just add soap and water!

"Big Dreamzzz" Baby Ballerina Two-Piece Layette Set in "Studio" Gift Box

You just never know! Maybe someday she’ll grace center stage, so dress her for her big debut in this delightfully pink confection.

"Clover the Closet Monster" Knit Baby Socks and Plush Monster Gift Set

Yarn locks and stylish socks are part of Clover's enchanting appeal! Her monstrous taste tells her the yarn locks do wonders for her, but the socks are too cute for her fashion-sideways look.

"Pig in a Blanket" Two-Piece Gift Set in Adorable Vintage-Inspired Gift Box

Once again we have cornered the market on "cute and cuddly" with an extraordinary two-piece gift set starring that market-going piggy of nursery-rhyme fame!

"Welcome Home Baby!" 3-Piece Layette Set in Keepsake Gift Box (Blue)

A house isn't a home until it's brimming with the warmth and sweetness of a baby's laughter.

Our diaper cakes make an impression they won't forget, with a baby gift they're sure to use. Your gift may get more attention at the baby shower than the mom-to-be!

A diaper cake makes an ideal new baby gift - perfectly practical, and adorably unique.

When someone special welcomes a new member of the family you want to give an absolutely practical and supremely unique baby shower gift to express your congratulations. Flowers are pretty but they only last a little while and then they end up in the trash! A gift basket is practical, but so...ordinary. The big question is, "What do the parents of a new baby need more than anything else?" Unless you can give the gift of SLEEP, the answer is DIAPERS!!

Instead of throwing money away on fresh flowers, why not give a new baby gift that is just as beautiful, FAR more practical, and CERTAIN to be used - a diaper cake!

It's easy to see why our diaper cakes are such a smart alternative to gift baskets or flowers. Constructed with 100% usable, premium Pampers Swaddlers, these clever cakes are decorated with equally practical, name-brand baby care supplies (from companies like Johnson & Johnson, Gerber, Burt's Bees, and Playtex) that parents can't have enough of when they have a new baby in the house. Thebaby diaper cake is designed to be easily dismantled so that sleep-deprived mom and dad can quickly convert it into a mountain of much-needed diapers and supplies.

Our baby cakes are created with the new baby in mind, so you can expect only the most useful, high quality, name-brand baby care items to be used in your gift - but they are also created with YOU, the gift-giver in mind. You can expect your diaper cake to arrive looking beautiful right out of the box. Whether the gift is delivered directly to the new parents, or shipped to you to be given as a baby shower gift or delivered personally, rest assured that our professionally created and carefully shipped new baby gifts have proven themselves time and time again to be only the best.

Are you considering making a diaper cake of your own? We have just what you need - plain diaper cakes that make the "how to" into the "well done." With our undecorated diaper cakes, you can give a professional quality new baby gift, in a tiny fraction of the time it takes to make a diaper cake from scratch. We love win-wins. Planning a baby shower for a special mom-to-be? Browse through our free baby shower ideas page for tons of baby shower decoration ideas, baby shower theme ideas, free baby shower games, and more. We want your baby shower to be an event to remember...thanks for letting us be a part of your celebration!

Buy with confidence!

Diaper Cakewalk diaper cakes are so well made that most of them can be held upside down without falling apart. Try that with other diaper cakes (not a good idea.) Because they are so securely constructed, they hold up beautifully during shipping. How do we do it? We never tell! But we'll give you a hint - while other companies use sticky double-sided tape or straight pins to hold their cakes together,we never use glue, tape, pins, or anything else that might damage the diapers or endanger the baby. We want every diaper to be as fresh and usable as it was the moment it came from the package, so don't worry -

no diapers were harmed during the making of your diaper cake!

We are located just outside of New York, NY and have shipped thousands of diaper cakes all over the United States through the years. We take pride in each one and invite you to browse our large selection of beautiful new baby gifts.

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